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  • Out of 126 wharves (excess 7.5 m deep) located in total ten ports along the Pacific coast, 106 wharves (84%) became accessible by March 1, 2012.
  • Ocean environment survey ships under command of the Regional Bureaus around Japan had been engaged in operations to collect floating wreckage along the coastal area of Sendai Bay since April 23, 2011, and of Ofunato Bay since May 21, 2011.

Recovery of marine transportation was achieved by temporary restoration works.

The transportation volume at the affected ports showed recovery of 70% in September, as compared with the volume in the preceding year.

There is a great demand for marine transportation to Tohoku, which includes fuels necessary to generate electricity, livestock feed, raw material for manufacturing industries such as steel, and some products. Daily necessities are also transported to Tohoku by container ships. Marine transportation is closely integrated into the region’s community life and economy. In order to restore the function of ports and harbors as soon as possible, the temporary restoration works were undertaken at very early stage. The interrupted marine distribution network was restored in September, six months after the earthquake. The cargo volume showed a recovery of 70% as compared to the preceding year.

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