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Emergency restoration works of total 19,970 m coastal levees.

In the midst of fear of aftershocks and tsunami, emergency restoration works were undertaken for coastal levees in seven sections of four coasts.

Source: the MLIT Tohoku Regional Bureau

The tsunami devastated the south Sendai Bay coast; coastal levees were damaged in many places, and shoreline was shifted toward inland. Urban areas including the city of Sendai and associated important infrastructure including the JR Joban Line, Route 6, Sendai Airport, etc. are nested behind the affected coastline; therefore, fast restoration was necessary. Emergency restoration works began in April for the coastlines of Sendai, Natori, Iwanuma, and Yamamoto. Construction workers undertook the restoration works while making sure of their own safety with life-jacket on and always paying attention to tsunami warnings on the radio. The coastal levees to be restored prevent sea water flooding at high tides, sea water erosion toward inland area, and protect the coast from high wave. The restoration works were completed toward the end of August.

Source: the MLIT Tohoku Regional Bureau
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